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A Prayer for mature Christians

Holy and Eternal God, great is Thy faithfulness.
Love and power, grace and mercy are easy to thee.
You have  knowledge and understanding beyond our comprehension.
Your children exist in every land,  and embrace you
thru many different revelations and names.
Yet, you are but One God and claim us all. 

We thank you for your Son Jesus the Christ,  who declared
there was more than one brand of sheep, and proclaimed that
other sheep folds exist.  Open our minds to His mind so that we too
might comprehend this world he saw and be in conversation with
all those who seek You throughout the world.. 

Forgive us when we would rather fight over our different revelations
than to celebrate those beliefs we hold in common.
Forgive us when we think we have everything right,
and others have everything wrong.
Most of all forgive us when we think we own you.
To truly be Yours is our greatest desire.

Lord God, bring stability to Your creation.  We pray for the
President of the United States and all the leaders of nations around the world.
Grant them wisdom, sobriety of mind and heart, compassion and
determination;  plus the ability to put away partisan differences
so they may uphold their oath to properly govern their people. 

Bring order back to nature.
Deliver us from long periods of draught, wind, rain, and snow.
Protect us from earth quakes, and disease.

Lord God, you have taught us to pray for, and to love our enemies.
We pray that we would not respond to our alienation from one another
by spiraling downward into evil; but that your
holy good would overcome evil, and that we could trust vengeance to you.

Lord God, we pray that love would triumph in all things
and that the knowledge of good would fill our world.   Empower
us to face the issues of life, and to trust you in all things.

These prayers we pray in Jesus' name, Amen.

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