Thanksgiving Service


Musical Introit

* Call To Worship

God be merciful unto us, and bless us,
And cause his face to shine upon us.
Let us worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.
Let us worship him in spirit and in truth.

*Hymn of Praise: "Praise , My Soul, the King of Heaven" No.66


Prayer of Thanksgiving:

O God, we praise thee, we give thanks to thee for thy bountiful providence,  for all the blessings and all the hopes of life. Above all we praise and adore thee for thine unspeakable gift in thine only Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let the memory of thy goodness, we beseech thee, fill our hearts with joy and thankfulness to thee; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Silent Prayer and Meditation

The Lord's Prayer

*The Psalter "O Come, Let Us Sing" No.607

*Gloria Patri

*Affirmation of Faith No.738

The Anthem

Morning Lessons: Leviticus 7:11-18, St.Luke 12:16-21

Litany of Thanksgiving and Intercession

Let us pray.

For all thy blessings in creation, for the beauty of earth and sea and sky, for thy manifold works, and the wisdom with which thou hast made them all,

We thank thee, O God.

For the happiness of our earthly life, for peaceful homes and healthful days, for our powers of mind and body, for faithful friends, for the joy of loving and being loved,

We thank thee, O God.

For the revelation of thy love and for newness of life in our Savior, for the blessings brought to us by thy holy Church, and for our fellowship with thee in Christ,

We thanks thee, O God.

That it may please thee to strengthen and encourage all those who by reason temptation, hardness of circumstances, or personal loss find it difficult to be thankful and to praise thy holy name,

We humbly beseech thee, our Father.

That it may please thee to solace all who have lost those whom thy most loved, to uphold all who are sick and suffering, to protect such as have lost the kindly light of reason, and to supply the needs of the blind, the deaf, and the mute,

We humbly beseech thee, our Father.

That it may please thee to inspire all who are seeking to improve the condition of our industrial life, and to give courage and devotion to all who do the work of every day, and to restore ordered prosperity and peace to our world,

We humbly beseech thee, our Father.

That it may please thee to bless with wisdom and courage thy servant the President of the United States, and all who bear with him the responsibility of the nation, and to give thy guidance and blessing to all the councils of the people,

We humbly beseech thee, our Father.

That it may please thee to direct the minds of all to whom thou hast committed the responsibility of leadership in the nations of the world. Give to them a vision of truth and justice, that by their counsel all nations and people may work together in true brotherhood, and thy Church may serve thee in unity and peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord,

We humbly beseech thee, our Father.

Worship with Tithes and Offerings


Concerns of the Congregation







*Congregation Stands