Visitation Minister



Position Title


            Visitation Pastor (Part-time)


General Description


The Visitation Pastor is the principal assistant to the Pastor for delivering spiritual outreach to the members and constituents of First United Methodist Church and for helping with the Sunday Morning Services.


Responsibilities and Duties


v  To work with the Pastor and the Evangelism Committee in establishing an effective visitation program.

v  To maintain a regular schedule for visitations with the shut-ins.

v  To visit members and constituents in the local hospital.

v  To participate in activities such as “Theos” and “Merrymakers”

v  To be on total call on the Pastor’s day off, vacation or out of town for other church business.

v  To assist the Pastor in conducting the Sunday Morning Service of worship, including Holy Communion and occasional preaching.

v  To plan and conduct Sunday Morning Worship when the Pastor is a way.

v  To assist in the planning and the conducting of Funeral Services as requested.

v  To perform other duties as directed by the Pastor.


Supervisory Controls


The Visitation Pastor shall work under the direct supervision of the Pastor and the Staff Parish Relations Committee as described in the “Basic Employment Policy”.


Contract Hours


16 hours per week


Salary and Benefits


Annual Salary             Refer to Annual Budget


Travel                          Reimbursement by voucher for travel as approved by the Pastor

Annual Vacation                     Determined by number of years employeed


Sick Leave                              2 hours per month


Position Qualifications


A person dedicated to Christian Principles who has at least five years of experience in ministry with an organized church.

A person who is an ordained minister with a Masters Degree of Divinity is preferred.




This job description has been reviewed by the supervisor and employee.  The duties involved are described; the minimum skill and educational requirements are valid.


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