Wallace Hamilton Stories

In the 1950s, and 60s a regular preacher at annual conferences across the Southeast was Wallace Hamilton, Pasadena Methodist, Pasadena, Florida.  He was famous for his filled sanctuary and parking lot drive in worship.  Thousands heard him each week.

His sermons were polished masterpieces filled with stories which touch your heart, emotions and mind.  When he preached at conferences there was usually standing room only crowds.  He was one of a very few preachers that people would stay to hear preach and then buck long lines for their lunch or dinner. 

His one on one, talk in your face style ...held his audiences spell bound.   Included in our Easter Sermons is one of his.  Following are some of the stories which touched thousands.

1.  A forgiven child                                  Shattered Dreams

2.  Why judging fails                                Sorrows of Parenting

3. Insights that change life                        True Greatness

4 human nature                                         Real conversion

5. Disappointments                                  changed life

6.Homecoming                                         As you will

7. Forgiveness                                          Words

8. good from bad                                       accident/providence

9. Facing difficulties                                     Hit Counter

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