Facing difficulties

The Christian way of handling life's interruptions, which takes them, not resentfully, not stoically, but creatively, making them pay and produce, using them to add new height to our Stature. You have heard it said more than once that everything depends on the spirit with which we face things. When the storm strikes a rooster, he folds up; he just endures it, wrapping his wings about him to protect himself as best he can, just drooping through to the dreary end. When the storm strikes an eagle, he has another spirit; he spreads his wings and makes the winds carry him high above the storm. The same choice is ours. Blowing on all of us are the winds of opposition. Breaking in on all of us are the disturbing changes of life. We cannot choose the climate or the circumstances, but we can choose the spirit with which we face them. We can endure them or we can employ them. We can be irritated by them or we can be stimulated by them to strike for higher altitude.

Ride the Wild Horses, Revell; p.143